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    Twitter is a platform that inverts the classical flow of content creation. Readers crowdsource call for articles and can have a stake in the articles' success.

We're building to improve the lives of both readers & writers.

Readers deserve more nuanced information sources, not the monolithic thinking that is offered by traditional newspapers. Readers deserve to get a stake in the content's success if they participate in its funding.

Writers deserve fair compensation & protection. Today, many writers are afraid to share their opinions online for fear of prosecution. And, if you're a small unknown writer, making money out of your writing is downright impossible.


  • we protect writers by allowing to fund pseudonymous contributors
  • we compensate fairly by having readers fund & demand articles, not looking at the writer's credentials
  • we enable the creation of more nuanced information sources by using censorship-resistant technology
  • we allow readers to get a stake in the content's success by owning a share of the funded content

All of this wasn't possible a few years ago. But today the idea is ripe because of two main reasons:

  • Newspapers on both sides of the aisle have been radicalized, leaving people hungry for more nuanced information.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have normalized pseudonymous funding in the crypto community, and we think this is just the beginning.